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Hello hello , my name is Missy. I am the owner of Bare Beauty.

let me start off by saying thank you for your visit!

this is my small business I've come to create. let me share a little bit about my work.

My goal is always to uplift anyone who walks through my door. I've been in the cosmetology industry for over 10 years now.

 Since then, I’ve blossomed into a passionate and professional esthetician.

Even with the years of experience & knowledge I have. I still enjoy learning about the latest trends; studying the best techniques to deliver the highest possible finish for you. This career is more than work for me. this is my creation on someone; its a form of art to me. To create and appreciate all beauty skin and soul deep.

Click the "Book A Session Today" link on the bottom right to treat yourself to any of my services.

Bare Beauty will surely have you feeling empowered, brand new & amazing! 

I put passion and purpose in every session I take on.

Bare Beauty really is a life changing experience.

I cant wait to meet you, your best you awaits!

Visit my place of business at 8721 Botts Lane STE #218.

see you there.

Peace & Beauty


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